L’Fedora Photos is a photography business that encompasses the vision and passion for photography through its founder and owner Lena Murrell. The company was founded when Lena was 22 and decided to take the plunge of making her dream a reality. Born in the beautiful island of Barbados surrounded by a spectrum of prepossessing¬†landscapes, beaches and beautiful people, from the age of fifteen Lena enjoyed capturing these facets of the island with her first camera. This hobby developed and she decided to turn it into¬† a serious endeavour to further her skills as well as knowledge of this art.

At L’Fedora, we are about creating moments and memories that will not only last a lifetime, but outlast it. We seek to cater to the individual and in doing so accommodate a variety of photographic requests our clients come to us with, whether it be personalized photo shoots, events, nature, portraiture…… We enjoy creating memories with each moment we capture, hence our motto –

“Each photo, a lasting Memory”

You can reach us at our email address – lm.fedoraphotos@gmail.com


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