In the Way

I have always loved the story in the bible about Abraham’s servant when he said ” I being in the way, the Lord led me” and that is just what happened today.
You see I like to be early when I have a job so that I can be settled by the time the client arrives. The client was a few minutes late and this was the first event with my new assistant and so we were doing test shot when a lady approached us. She asked if we were photographers,the price we charge per photo and if I would take a group and individual shots of her students who were there for lunch.
I jumped at the opportunity God provided, took 9 shots in total of the excited bunch of children and gave her my card as she gave me her information as well. Children do add a bit of fun and energy to life in every way!
I do not like tardiness but as I am learning, life happens and therefore time as with everything else, is out of our control and therefore all we can do is move in faith.
I love what I do but I am ever cognizant of the One who gives me the strength, passion, skill and vision to make it all possible. These were students of a private Christian primary school and I am ever humbled by how God works. I am a photographer but I am a Christian first and foremost, therefore in all I do, this must be manifested in some way and so each time I take up my camera, not only am I hoping to surpass my client’s expectation and have fun doing so, but to ultimately please Him!



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