New Year Birthday Shoot

As the new year saw its second day, it was a pleasure to have it find my assistant and I doing a photoshoot.

When this client approached me for the idea of doing their birthday photoshoot, I was excited because knowing how bubbly and fun this person is, as they celebrated another year on January 2nd, I wanted the photos to exemplify such.
The location we decided on was Farley Hill, a vast park and picnic area full of rich history and natural beautiful landscapes. My assistant and I arrived early so we could plan our shots as well as update our respective portfolios with some nature shots. The client ended up running late but this was not a problem since it gave us ample time to plan the shoot and even do test shots.
Once the client arrived we got straight into the swing of things, covered most of the desired shots and more. Due to the changing natural light we changed up a few shots but that’s all part if photography, being prepared for the unexpected and being flexible. It was definitely a fun shoot at the end of which I felt proud of the growth of my assistant’s skills and having accomplished what we came to do – create lasting memories for the client.

Below are a few snapshots of the shoot and the pre-shoot nature shots are at this link –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the best to you and yours for 2016 and don’t forger to book with us when you want to capture that special moment or occasion! 😊


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