HoneyJam Barbados Showcase 2014

From the time you hear “Frank Collymore Hall”, there is a certain level of prestige and and elegance attached so persons know right away they’re in for a treat. All who attended the HoneyJam showcase would certainly agree that the hall was brought to life as the “Hunnies” brought and rendered their all leaving patrons wanting more. The all female showcase comprised of Barbadians with the exception of one participant and ranged in age from teenagers to late twenties but youth was not to have them overlooked as they made their presence felt and represented their country well.

It certainly is a privilege to be on the team headed by producer Ms. Rowe as I got to see from the first meeting right up to the last performance and after show, all the behind the scenes efforts and prayers come to fruition. It was a long night but since I was doing what I love and with friends who were doing the same, the time flew by; both with capturing the photos and post-processing.
Below is a snippet of the night, do enjoy and check out HoneyJam Barbados on Facebook or at their website for more information.

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