Pride & Industry

Two weeks ago I got a message from a local entrepreneur on the island who makes copper jewelry and was looking to have some pieces photographed. I was excited to work with him but then I injured my neck and back; nevertheless I still managed to make it to our first meeting. During our meeting I was introduced to the “Independence Lady” as she described herself and seeing her hair in our flag’s colours I understood why.
We had a mutual understanding of what he wanted and how we could use the “Independence lady” as our model to achieve this. There were some constraints, seeing as Independence was only a few days away and our model was soon leaving the island, which left us with little time, especially with my injury. In spite of this I went ahead and arranged for a  photoshoot to feature some jewelry he had created for Independence, in our flag’s colours, to be worn by the Independence Lady on the following Saturday. Our meeting was a Monday so this gave me a very short space of time to finalize the concept, get some rest so I’d be a little more healed and also arrange transportation to the venue since I cannot currently drive without pain.

It all came together beautifully and it was a privelege to work with two proud Barbadians representing the “Pride and Industry” this island is founded on. I had a bit of pain but no pain, no gain and so I pressed on to ensure that my client would be certainly pleased with the results. The weather was good for the most part and since we did the shoot in Bridgetown on the Chamberlain Bridge, with Parliament Building as our backdrop, timing was key seeing as by 8 am when the shoot was scheduled to finish, the traffic in that area starts. Therefore when the clock struck 7am we were commencing and  I was all packed and finished by the time it struck 8 am. My usual assistant could not make it but thankfully Raixor was able to come and did a fantastic job as stylist and creative director.

As we in Barbados celebrate 49 years of Independence in two days, here’s my tribute to my island as well as some photos from the photoshoot.

God Bless Bim!

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PS If you love the featured jewelry, be sure to contact T’Malson’s Craft 246-622-4012


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