Overdue Photoshoot….

The hardest part of a morning shoot for me is actually waking up at those early hours…..I usually get it done  but the week had taken a toll and sadly this photoshoot as a result started two hours late. The last time I did a photoshoot for my sister was four years ago and so this one was waaaay overdue and despite how tired I was, I knew I could not postpone anymore. She also overslept, so in that respect it worked out. We arrived on location and 30 minutes later we were in the swing of things.

The shots were all pre-planned which cut down on time since we had the wardrobe and poses already envisioned and it was just to make them a reality; it is at this point that I feel like a true artist crafting my art and producing the masterpiece I had in mind.
My main constraint was the tight space which we were working in and secondly was the poor lighting. However these were challenges which added to the creativity of the shots and was in no way allowed to be a hindrance. Since we lost two hours we only had an hour and a half left which meant we didn’t get to cover the full scope of what we had intended (which was mutually upsetting). This taught me a valid lesson of valuing time, especially when on a schedule and set time constraint. Therefore this photoshoot is incomplete so look out for its conclusion.


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