L’Fedora Photos – Welcome!


To all my readers who I hope to turn into avid subscribers who I won’t disappoint; what is “L’Fedora Photos” all about?

Simply put it’s me sharing my photos as well as insights about photography with you. You can look out for some shots from upcoming  shoots as well as background into how the whole launch for L’Fedora is coming along. Nothing you want is ever easy and so this is a journey I have commenced on to see my dream become a reality and through this blog you get to come along the journey with me.

The official launch date is set for July 1 2014. Why that date? Well earlier this year a fellow photographer friend asked me when I was going to launch since she had been looking for it since 2013 but procrastination set in and I told her sometime during summer, probably July 1st. July 1st is all she heard and since then has been pushing me towards it and I finally got the drive myself and am now using it as a realistic target date. Will EVERYTHING be ready by then? Ideally yes but if not I will still be more than halfway and ready to show you what I have to offer.

Another question I often get asked, is why photography and I simply respond why not! Photography is a passion, a joy and much more than a job or hobby, it is what I enjoy doing most. Through my lens I get to view the world from all angles, see specific details and also capture moments as well as perspectives persons often overlook. My motto is “Life is a moment waiting to be captured” and this is exactly what my dream for “L’Fedora Photos'” is, making each photo a lasting memory!

Hope you will join me!…..stay tuned……


4 comments on “L’Fedora Photos – Welcome!

  1. Keep moving forward. I’m still looking out for that official launch, so for sure I’ll be staying tuned.

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