#TrueLove – Mally & Mandela

This is my first official photoshoot since  the launch and I was especially excited about it since the couple I was shooting is dear to my heart and their love is real so it made my job much easier. Leading up to the day however, I didn’t have transportation so Mandela offered to pick up my assistant for the day RJ, and I. It is becoming less of a struggle to get up early on Saturday mornings so this time we were off to a good start. It was an adventure from the get go seeing as we knew the name of the planned destination but no clue as to its exact location. Thanks to technology however my handy assistant was already proving his worth, as he found the location on Google maps…..or so we thought! As we were going along, on the second turn however, the map was saying keep straight but there was a wall building in front of us, so we had to revert to the old-fashioned route and asked the first person we saw for directions. Thankfully the gentleman knew what we meant and when we got there,  we realized that we had driven right passed the property. One hurdle out the way,  just gave way to yet another because we were calling but heard no one…..eventually a lady looked out and told us the owner wasn’t there so that put us on pause seeing as we now had to re-strategize. I always have a backup location (s) so this was in no way daunting but a continuation of the adventure! The thing about living on an island paradise like Barbados,  is that there is never a shortage of places to take photos and so we simply got back in the car and went to the backup spot I had decided on late last night, in the event this happened. The location was ideal because it held a well shaded grassy area, as well as the open beachside. Once parked and I had my equipment out the car, we headed to the beachside first where we finished prepping for the first set of shots. As I said earlier this couple is evidently in love and so it was no struggle at all to get them to pose and this helped make up for the time we had lost in changing location. I had prepared a shotlist two days prior which I had gone over with Mandela and she also had some ideas which I appreciated and so with the ideas we agreed on it was now showtime. Tourists kept passing by and offering their congratulations since it did look like an engagement shoot, so let me set the record straight, it was not…..least not yet 😉 As it rapidly approached noon and the sun got harsher, we switched over to the shaded, grassy park area. Amidst the shade the light kept shifting in intensity which also meant that I had to be constantly adjusting my settings but this was the only hassle since my assistant was doing a great job and my subjects were extremely cooperative. Almost two hours later we were all finished, packed up and ready for lunch. It certainly was mutually fun and a reminder of why I love photography as well as the fact that true love is still in existence and certainly worth the wait.

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Dear reader I sure hope that you haven’t given up on love and that it brings joy to your heart as it did mine when I did this photoshoot today, especially since RJ was there….. until my next post keep the love alive!


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