Raixor sharp Photoshoot

Thus far all of my photoshoots have been morning shoots since I prefer that lighting but my model wasn’t available on the Saturday and so it had to be shifted to Sunday after church. There are places I pass as I am driving along and take a mental note to revisit and do a shoot. This photoshoot was in one of those locations in the heart of the countryside around 3:30pm and the weather was magnificent.


Some brief debushing had to be done but this is all part of shooting in the middle of the woods! (Please note however that no permanent damage was done to the natural habitat.) It is almost an exact year since I did a photoshoot with my best friend and so I was really hoping that the vision I had would be fully conceptualized. I had two assistants with guarding the equipment and looking out for spiders which turned out to be numerous. The shoot took place on two sides of the road with the second being in the adjacent open cane field since this is crop season and most canes have been cut.

One of the things I like about photoshoots, is when the model can follow direction, is open to the direction and also adds their own personality to it and this is certainly true if Raixor. Honestly I had some ideas in mind but the turns this shoot took were totally spontaneous and as a result of the location. Mostly I choose a location and let it form the shoot with preconceived ideas and once more they meshed well. I certainly had fun despite the ants nibbling at my ankles!

An hour and a half later we wrapped up having gotten in some good lighting. I still prefer to shoot early in the morning because the evening was dreadfully hot so I won’t be doing these evening ones as a norm; simply by special requests.

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Group shot to wrap things up!....special thanks to my assistants :)

Group shot to wrap things up!….special thanks to my assistants 🙂

An exact week left until L’Fedora officially launches and everyone keeps asking me how I’m going to do it…..stay tuned!


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