HoneyJam Barbados 2014 LaunchI

In 2012 my best friend asked me if I would do pictures for this female showcase called Honey Jam and the name alone had me intrigued, plus I was really getting into photography then, so I said yes. The decision made that day has proven to be quite a rewarding one because it enabled me  to meet and get to know Ebonnie Rowe the founder of this showcase which is her brain child and heartfelt passion. Punctuality, Professionalism, Perfection and Prestige are four P’s that come to mind when I think of the incorporation. Honey Jam has molded and help hew then careers of many upcoming female vocalists in both Barbados and Canada where is originated 19 years ago but it has also been impactful on me as a photographer.

Honey Jam has helped me improve and prioritize on the professional and business side of my photography and having my photos reaching such a wide international audience as well as the many persons it exposes me to for networking, it’s a win win each time. I thoroughly enjoy working with this entity that unlike most talent searches and competitions, actually has heart at its core and this is what sets it apart.

The Launch for 2014 was tonight and I do hope that you will stay tuned, support and when the showcase does come around in November, that you don’t take my word for it, but come and experience the nugget of Barbadian female talent that will be displayed.


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