For over a year my signature on my photos was simply “LAM Photography” seeing as it was my initials but as I began to focus in on the idea of starting a business and taking my work further, I wanted a name that would set me apart, a name that when persons saw it, they would know it was my work. This would not only make my work stand but challenge me to ensure that what they recognize as mine, is the quality and standard of work which I want to be known for.

Therefore having decided on “L”Fedora Photos” my next step was to have a logo designed to further show me and what my style was. At first I had no idea of any graphic designers to do the job for me and then I had 4. I didn’t need four logos and even more I wasn’t paying for 4 logos, so I had some decisions to make. Price and the ability to reciprocate my vision graphically aided in my final decision. However when it came down to the two artists and their designs, I was so pleased with the two that I consulted my lawyer and was quite happy when I was told that yes I can have two. Therefore L’Fedora has two main logos which I interchange to suit the type of job; they now act as a further distinguishing mark for the vision I have in mind.L'Fedora-Photos-Logo-(Transparent Background)




I would like to take this time to thank the two talented graphic artists once more, as well as suggest them to anyone looking for such services. Additionally, should you want their information, message me…..more to come as Jul 1 draws nigh! 😉


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