Four times the Fun

Whose voice we listen to and from whom we take direction is a very important thing, especially when you don’t know the way.

This was the case when it came to this particular photoshoot. The rain had been pouring heavily for about 24hours straight, so I had to consider my plan C contingency plan, seeing as both plan A and B were outdoors. Plan C was indoors at the client’s house which I had no idea where this was but Barbados is a small island, so my assistant and I packed our gear into the car and headed north (that much I knew since the official directions had not arrived). Along the way my assistant checked my phone and the directions had come so we started in that direction, which I was familiar with up to a point.  Once we turned off the main road it was full reliance on the directions and instinct.

As we made the first instructed right turn, two little boys who were playing in the road stopped us and asked us who we were looking for, and when we told them, they told us we were in the wrong gap, so I turned around and followed their directions. Instinct screamed not to follow their directions but I ignored it and no sooner had I done so, did I recognize my error; it turned out that I was initially on the right road so more gas was wasted as we had to turn around and head back on the right path which was a straight road. (Kinda like how things happen in life when we veer off the correct path, but what is life without adventure?)

Thankfully we reached safely, still with time to spare and so we started setting up whilst the family finished getting ready. I am an introvert but being in this industry pushes me out of my shell and has removed any sentiment of shyness I once had. Therefore once I put that harness on and turn on my camera, I feel like a completely different person and I’m in the zone, no fears just enjoying the moment. It truly is a privilege to do what you love and at the same time make a living from it because it never feels like work and it is the passion not the money that motivates you.

The family was a family of four, two sons and their parents and their fun-loving spirit was contagious so we had a blast during the shoot with them. The hour went quickly and the weather finally decided to ease up somewhat as we wrapped up and headed home.

There is no greater feeling than to leave a job knowing you did your best and achieved what you went to do – “create a lasting memory”.

Below is a snapshot of the shoot

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally here are some behind the scene shots. I also take this opportunity to introduce you to my assistant – Aaron Thomas.


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