To new beginnings

The title above is the phrase my sister ended her first blog with and it got me thinking about this entry. “Beginnings”, life is full of them but the trepidation, uncertainty and  ignorance of the future often holds us back from taking that plunge. The feeling of inadequacy or even previous failure, can also be a factor we hide behind but as I have learnt thus far on this journey toward July 1. You are often you biggest hindrance, but no more; I’m ready to take the plunge, are you?

Is there something in your life, a dream you’ve put on hold, a hobby you wanted to pursue, a recipe you’ve been meaning to try for so long the paper cut-out is fading……the list goes on and so do the excuses we try to justify our procrastination with. However if I have learnt any this far from L’Fedora, it is that there is no greater thrill than seeing your dream slowly become reality!

So as my sister starts her new blog and I continue to build this, my second blog which I host, the dream grows. Daily we ought to grow as persons, as the ups and downs make us stronger because I refuse to break. Photography wakes up a part of my soul that is otherwise dormant and forgotten; and there is that aspect in each of us waiting to be birthed and expressed.

I hope you are currently or about to also embark on your new beginning and truly become the true realization of what you were meant to be as you fulfill your purpose.



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