Birthday Love Affair

When a dear friend of mine and I began to discuss the photoshoot she wanted to do as a birthday gift to her boyfriend, I was excited.

One of the many things this couple holds in common, is that they celebrate their birthday on the same day. What they have is true love, a love that cannot be faked and as you look at these photos, I am sure you will agree with me.

I had wanted to do my previous client’s photoshoot at Codrington College but it wasn’t to be then, since that day the rain poured for days. This time was the complete opposite as the sun shined in all its radiance for which I was grateful. Looking back at these photos as I was editing, I am glad it worked out for this time because the shots were perfect and more suited for this couple than what I had in mind for the other client. The grounds were beautiful and thankfully there weren’t many visitors so there were no distractions so it flowed beautifully.

This was the first time I took photos in my contacts, so that was a new experience for me, but all in all I am very pleased with how it all turned out.

Below are some of the photos –

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Four times the Fun

Whose voice we listen to and from whom we take direction is a very important thing, especially when you don’t know the way.

This was the case when it came to this particular photoshoot. The rain had been pouring heavily for about 24hours straight, so I had to consider my plan C contingency plan, seeing as both plan A and B were outdoors. Plan C was indoors at the client’s house which I had no idea where this was but Barbados is a small island, so my assistant and I packed our gear into the car and headed north (that much I knew since the official directions had not arrived). Along the way my assistant checked my phone and the directions had come so we started in that direction, which I was familiar with up to a point.  Once we turned off the main road it was full reliance on the directions and instinct.

As we made the first instructed right turn, two little boys who were playing in the road stopped us and asked us who we were looking for, and when we told them, they told us we were in the wrong gap, so I turned around and followed their directions. Instinct screamed not to follow their directions but I ignored it and no sooner had I done so, did I recognize my error; it turned out that I was initially on the right road so more gas was wasted as we had to turn around and head back on the right path which was a straight road. (Kinda like how things happen in life when we veer off the correct path, but what is life without adventure?)

Thankfully we reached safely, still with time to spare and so we started setting up whilst the family finished getting ready. I am an introvert but being in this industry pushes me out of my shell and has removed any sentiment of shyness I once had. Therefore once I put that harness on and turn on my camera, I feel like a completely different person and I’m in the zone, no fears just enjoying the moment. It truly is a privilege to do what you love and at the same time make a living from it because it never feels like work and it is the passion not the money that motivates you.

The family was a family of four, two sons and their parents and their fun-loving spirit was contagious so we had a blast during the shoot with them. The hour went quickly and the weather finally decided to ease up somewhat as we wrapped up and headed home.

There is no greater feeling than to leave a job knowing you did your best and achieved what you went to do – “create a lasting memory”.

Below is a snapshot of the shoot

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Finally here are some behind the scene shots. I also take this opportunity to introduce you to my assistant – Aaron Thomas.

New Year Birthday Shoot

As the new year saw its second day, it was a pleasure to have it find my assistant and I doing a photoshoot.

When this client approached me for the idea of doing their birthday photoshoot, I was excited because knowing how bubbly and fun this person is, as they celebrated another year on January 2nd, I wanted the photos to exemplify such.
The location we decided on was Farley Hill, a vast park and picnic area full of rich history and natural beautiful landscapes. My assistant and I arrived early so we could plan our shots as well as update our respective portfolios with some nature shots. The client ended up running late but this was not a problem since it gave us ample time to plan the shoot and even do test shots.
Once the client arrived we got straight into the swing of things, covered most of the desired shots and more. Due to the changing natural light we changed up a few shots but that’s all part if photography, being prepared for the unexpected and being flexible. It was definitely a fun shoot at the end of which I felt proud of the growth of my assistant’s skills and having accomplished what we came to do – create lasting memories for the client.

Below are a few snapshots of the shoot and the pre-shoot nature shots are at this link –

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All the best to you and yours for 2016 and don’t forger to book with us when you want to capture that special moment or occasion! 😊

Pride & Industry

Two weeks ago I got a message from a local entrepreneur on the island who makes copper jewelry and was looking to have some pieces photographed. I was excited to work with him but then I injured my neck and back; nevertheless I still managed to make it to our first meeting. During our meeting I was introduced to the “Independence Lady” as she described herself and seeing her hair in our flag’s colours I understood why.
We had a mutual understanding of what he wanted and how we could use the “Independence lady” as our model to achieve this. There were some constraints, seeing as Independence was only a few days away and our model was soon leaving the island, which left us with little time, especially with my injury. In spite of this I went ahead and arranged for a  photoshoot to feature some jewelry he had created for Independence, in our flag’s colours, to be worn by the Independence Lady on the following Saturday. Our meeting was a Monday so this gave me a very short space of time to finalize the concept, get some rest so I’d be a little more healed and also arrange transportation to the venue since I cannot currently drive without pain.

It all came together beautifully and it was a privelege to work with two proud Barbadians representing the “Pride and Industry” this island is founded on. I had a bit of pain but no pain, no gain and so I pressed on to ensure that my client would be certainly pleased with the results. The weather was good for the most part and since we did the shoot in Bridgetown on the Chamberlain Bridge, with Parliament Building as our backdrop, timing was key seeing as by 8 am when the shoot was scheduled to finish, the traffic in that area starts. Therefore when the clock struck 7am we were commencing and  I was all packed and finished by the time it struck 8 am. My usual assistant could not make it but thankfully Raixor was able to come and did a fantastic job as stylist and creative director.

As we in Barbados celebrate 49 years of Independence in two days, here’s my tribute to my island as well as some photos from the photoshoot.

God Bless Bim!

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PS If you love the featured jewelry, be sure to contact T’Malson’s Craft 246-622-4012

Honey Jam 2015

There is so much talent in this little island of Barbados and when it comes to upcoming females in the music industry, Honey Jam provides that platform for their voices to be heard. The showcase grows each year and this being it’s fifth year here in Barbados, those who came to the sold out show were not disappointed. All fifteen ladies rendered from their hearts as they sang beautifully and even posed with family, friends and patrons on the Mabeline black carpet. Founder Ebonnie Rowe truly is doing a tremendous job to give some positivity in a world that is doaily growing more cold and heartless. May we all seek to give back in some way to society and support programmes such as this which remind us and prove once more that all youth are not bad but just need guidance.

Here are some behind the scene photos….

Ebonnie giving the girls a pep talk before the show


Posing with the Grammy nominated Elle Varner before the show as she too encouraged the girls to go out their and just do their best.

LAM_5345 LAM_5341


The volunteers who helped to make the show a smooth success from auditions to the show.


Sneak peeks from backstage

LAM_5373 LAM_5379 LAM_5367 LAM_5575 LAM_5587

Founder and CEO Ebonnie Rowe

LAM_5676 LAM_5680 LAM_5405

Some of the artists posing with family and friends

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Interviews on the Maybelline black carpet

LAM_5359 LAM_5312

DJ DLuxe at the after party


The Maybelline reps


For more photos and information about Honey Jam, check out their Facebook page.

Queens of Gospel

Proverbs 10:22 says –


“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”

Truly this could have been true of last weekend when Queens of Gospel was held here in Barbados at the Gym. Two nights of pure worship commencing with local talent such as Toni Norville on the Saturday along with the international stars Michelle Williams and Yolanda Adams who truly ministered. Michelle Williams sang songs from her latest gospel album and the crowd really came alive when she sang the popular single “Say Yes”.

Yolanda Adams effortlessly sang hit after hit with such conviction that the crowd was drawn in because as she ministered in between each song, it was evident that she understood she is simply the vessel and the Lord is the one who is speaking through her and continuously using her to touch lives. She sang “Since the last time I saw You”, “In the Midst of It All”, “The Battle is not Yours”, “Someone watching over You” and “Victory”, all songs of encouragement, faith and hope which we all need to be reminded of as we journey along this pathway in a world and with an enemy who is constantly on the attack to see up fail.

It was more than a concert, it was a worship session which continued smoothly on Sunday night with Terencia Coward who started off the show and her testimony is a reminder that our God is ABLE to change lives and no one is too far gone for Him to redeem. When I think of her testimony I am reminded of the song “Alabaster Box” which ironically was being sung as she made her way to the altar that day she gave her life to Him. How wonderful it is to be able to see the change the Lord is still making in lives today. Sister Marshall got the crowd going once more as she delivered an incredible performance that left everyone on fire and encouraged “Walk Holy” and keep “Marching On”!

This made way for the international artists who followed, starting with Erica Campbell who poured her all into the performance and left the crowd wanting more. She sang songs from her solo album such as “P.O.G (Power of God)”, “Looking Like”, “Help” and the one she went through the singing – “A little more Jesus”. I have been a Mary Mary fan for years, have the albums, watch the reality show and even followed the solo journey thus far of Erica Campbell, so to get to see her perform live with such passion for God and even taking time in between the songs to minister, really heightened the experience for me to see one of my favourite gospel artists live. What stood out for me during her ministering, was when she said that we often see those in the spotlight like herself going on and think they have it together, but that she too has her struggles, and it reminded me that we need to remember to pray for gospel artists.

The second international artist of the night Shurley Murdock just kept the momentum going, especially when she ministered an encouraging word – to follow and don’t give up on our dreams – “for God will not give vision without provision” and “there is an anointed time and an appointed time”. These words led up to the rendition of her song “The Dream” which left us in such an attitude and state of worship that when Cece Winans came on next to close up the night, it was like a foretaste of heaven.

Cece Winans gave a lively and energetic performance of both well known and some new songs, but every step of the way the crowd was engaged and involved, hanging on to every note and she too ministered between her songs, giving a few jokes. At the same time and most importantly, in the middle of her set, she took the time to make a plea to those who were unsaved and gave them the opportunity to repeat the sinners’ prayer after her. The mediums differ whether gospel artist in singing, a preacher or you and I, but the purpose is ever the same, and this is to spread the gospel, win souls for Him and be Godly examples of Him on a daily basis.

There is a stark difference between the average concert and a gospel concert, for in the average secular concert you go to have a good time and when you leave that’s it, but at a gospel concert it is a time of blessing and worship. It is the most awesome feeling to be in a place where the name of God is being lifted up, glorified and exalted surrounded by persons who too are in the good of Him. To feel His presence and enter into to the artist’s space for that moment and as they render and minister through song, using the gift He has given them and giving it back to Him, both the artist and the audience leave with a fresh appreciation of Him and who He is.

May we each seek to daily find time when we do nothing else but simply worship and than the Lord for everything He is, has done, is doing and will do through and for us. I truly thank God for allowing me to have been able to go both nights and here are a few photos of the moments –

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The Family that prays

There is a well know saying, which goes ” The family that prays together, stays together” and truly I am a believer of that truth. When I was contacted to do this shoot in particular, I was elated seeing as it was the first official photoshoot I would be doing for any of my family, as well as the first one for 2015. Time was against us seeing as we were working on a tight schedule seeing as the only available day was the very day one of the daughters was leaving the island for a year straight, so there was absolutely no room for error. No pressure right? ….

I immediately formulated the vision in my mind, and straight after church set up my equipment in my living room at home, this had to be perfect because it was family after all. This is why I have come to learn the importance of knowing your camera and equipment so that you know straight up what settings and equipment is needed for each individual photoshoot or whenever you take up your camera. Once we got started it flowed and before I knew it we were finished.

Looking at the slideshow below, I hope you see what I do, and that is the blessings of God on a family that puts Him first in everything and so no matter what He brings them through.

I pray that you are having a great 2015 and keep reading, L’Fedora is going to do a lot this year with the help of God! 😉

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The Lion and Lioness

As 2014 comes to a close and I had some free time, there was only one thing I wanted to do…..plan a photo shoot 🙂 (and catch up on some sleep)

It was a challenge because I couldn’t decide on a location and didn’t have transportation. I had psyched up myself to board a bus with my equipment and pray not to forget any or get robbed, when my mother loaned me her jeep…yaay mum!
I spent the day before planning the shots and consulting with my two models, who are both very dear to my heart.
The sun was shining in all its splendor as we headed done the east. Barbados is such a beautiful island and I enjoy it each day I get to explore it like today. The beach was welcoming which added to the flow of inspiration as we setup and got started.
I have wanted to work with these two for some time now seeing as their style and personalities are so intriguing. They are quiet and unassuming in appearance but don’t let this fool you because once you get to know them, you not only have a blast but realize their loyalty and genuine persona makes them incomparable friends; I feel honored to call them family.
When it came to thinking about what I would entitle this piece, I thought of D’s tattoos on his chest and both he and Abz really do emulate the spirit of the lion; hence the title for this piece.
With each photo-shoot I learn more about myself as much as I do about the art that is photography. It’s a thrilling journey that gets me excited every time. The day the excitement leaves is the day I pray never comes!
I do hope you enjoy the photos 🙂
God bless and looking forward to bigger, better blessings for L’Fedora and all those who are a part of this team!

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Family First

The beauty of photography, is that each shoot is different, each client or clients come with their own unique personality and characteristics so it is always an adventure. Complexity is also a mantra accompanying the job but the degree or effect it has on the outcome, rests solely on me the photographer so I must ALWAYS be prepared.

This shoot in particular held its own originality because for starters this was my first indoor shoot, sure I have done plenty of family shoots at home but these were all casual and very informal. I would not lie, I was nervous, in fact I was nervous right up to when I pulled up to the house and turned off the engine.

I had never been to the home prior, nor had I met most of the family members I was to shoot, I only knew the mother. However I went into my zone as “Myss Fedora” and repeated the encouragement of RJ and my other confidant – “God gave me this job, so He will bring me through”!

A bit of background….
It was a Sunday so I left straight from church and dragged my sister with me for support (though she told me she felt more like a pebble than the rock I was counting on her to be). The weather was absolutely dreadful the day before, with immense flooding, wind and heavy rains for 24 hours so I was preparing to postpone but the Sunday when I got up, the sun was in abundance. There were some signs of the weather the day prior but surprisingly all around was drying up fast. It was my grandmother’s birthday (which I sadly forgot when I confirmed the date of the booking) so I moved up the shoot an hour early.

The client approached me having learnt that I had recently launched L’Fedora Photos and I was all confident until she told me the photographer who usually did her family photos. This photographer was one of those I looked up to an admired in the field so for her to put me in that same category was flattering but equally frightening because I had massive shoes to fill! I am still building my camera bag and so my equipment is still very basic but one thing I have learnt, is that it is not the camera but the skill of the photographer and so I practiced, I did research, I planned the entire shoot in my head mentally, made my notes and most of all PRAYED!

One thing I hate, is to be late, I regard it as one of the highest forms of disrespect so once I set a time, especially in business I try to get there at least five minutes before that. Thankfully the directions were straight forward and so we arrived half an hour early which gave me an edge since they were now getting ready and so I was able to set up and get a feel of the area and match it with my vision so that by the time they were ready, so was I! Some people shy away from Photoshop but this client embraced it, especially for the backdrop of the shots. The hour went by pretty fast which goes perfectly with the saying that time flies when you’re having fun and with each click of the shutter my heartbeat regularized so by the end of the shoot my nerves had fully subsided.

It was indeed a wonderful experience getting to know the family through the photos because it is true that a photo tells a thousand words and I sure did learn a lot from each shot.

I am my biggest critic and often we tend to be, but this experience has now furthered me as a photographer, especially when it came to the setting up because this was the first time I used my backdrop and stands. Additionally when it came to post-process editing I learnt a few new techniques and we ought to always to growing and becoming a better version of ourselves for the day we cease to want to learn more or become better is the day we stop living.

Below is a snapshot of the final result.

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To Surprise or be Surprised? ;)

Last month for RJ’s birthday I surprised him with a photoshoot since he’d been asking me to do one for quite some time. A fellow photographer friend facilitated it and during the shoot, while RJ was being photographed my friend’s wife asked me if I’d be available to do something similar for them on their anniversary a month later for them. She wanted it to be a surprise and so as we started to finalize it, one night my photographer friend messaged me saying he wants to surprise his wife for their anniversary with a photoshoot.

I couldn’t help but chuckle, this was turning out to be very exciting seeing as they were both trying to surprise each other. Thankfully they’re in sync, so they chose the same date, time, location and package which made my job much easier.
The last couple photoshoot I did was supposed to be at Farley Hill but I had forgotten that was soca weekend and so that didn’t materialize then, so I was glad that this time we were able to use that location for this shoot.
The rain poured for the entire day prior and so I was in contact with my friend as we were monitoring the weather. I really was glad that the day of the shoot the rain held up especially since that was the actual day of their anniversary; the significance added to the mood of the shoot as it was evident that they are very much still in love. Farley Hill is a massive park (also the only park in Barbados you have to pay to go in) and the vast property is a photographers playground. I could have spent all day there with them but we only had an hour so we made the most of it. My job is fun usually but when the client is good sport as this couple was, it makes it feel much less like work.
I pray God’s continued blessings on Mr  and Mrs. Jackman!

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