In the Way

I have always loved the story in the bible about Abraham’s servant when he said ” I being in the way, the Lord led me” and that is just what happened today.
You see I like to be early when I have a job so that I can be settled by the time the client arrives. The client was a few minutes late and this was the first event with my new assistant and so we were doing test shot when a lady approached us. She asked if we were photographers,the price we charge per photo and if I would take a group and individual shots of her students who were there for lunch.
I jumped at the opportunity God provided, took 9 shots in total of the excited bunch of children and gave her my card as she gave me her information as well. Children do add a bit of fun and energy to life in every way!
I do not like tardiness but as I am learning, life happens and therefore time as with everything else, is out of our control and therefore all we can do is move in faith.
I love what I do but I am ever cognizant of the One who gives me the strength, passion, skill and vision to make it all possible. These were students of a private Christian primary school and I am ever humbled by how God works. I am a photographer but I am a Christian first and foremost, therefore in all I do, this must be manifested in some way and so each time I take up my camera, not only am I hoping to surpass my client’s expectation and have fun doing so, but to ultimately please Him!



HoneyJam Barbados 2014 LaunchI

In 2012 my best friend asked me if I would do pictures for this female showcase called Honey Jam and the name alone had me intrigued, plus I was really getting into photography then, so I said yes. The decision made that day has proven to be quite a rewarding one because it enabled me  to meet and get to know Ebonnie Rowe the founder of this showcase which is her brain child and heartfelt passion. Punctuality, Professionalism, Perfection and Prestige are four P’s that come to mind when I think of the incorporation. Honey Jam has molded and help hew then careers of many upcoming female vocalists in both Barbados and Canada where is originated 19 years ago but it has also been impactful on me as a photographer.

Honey Jam has helped me improve and prioritize on the professional and business side of my photography and having my photos reaching such a wide international audience as well as the many persons it exposes me to for networking, it’s a win win each time. I thoroughly enjoy working with this entity that unlike most talent searches and competitions, actually has heart at its core and this is what sets it apart.

The Launch for 2014 was tonight and I do hope that you will stay tuned, support and when the showcase does come around in November, that you don’t take my word for it, but come and experience the nugget of Barbadian female talent that will be displayed.


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To new beginnings

The title above is the phrase my sister ended her first blog with and it got me thinking about this entry. “Beginnings”, life is full of them but the trepidation, uncertainty and  ignorance of the future often holds us back from taking that plunge. The feeling of inadequacy or even previous failure, can also be a factor we hide behind but as I have learnt thus far on this journey toward July 1. You are often you biggest hindrance, but no more; I’m ready to take the plunge, are you?

Is there something in your life, a dream you’ve put on hold, a hobby you wanted to pursue, a recipe you’ve been meaning to try for so long the paper cut-out is fading……the list goes on and so do the excuses we try to justify our procrastination with. However if I have learnt any this far from L’Fedora, it is that there is no greater thrill than seeing your dream slowly become reality!

So as my sister starts her new blog and I continue to build this, my second blog which I host, the dream grows. Daily we ought to grow as persons, as the ups and downs make us stronger because I refuse to break. Photography wakes up a part of my soul that is otherwise dormant and forgotten; and there is that aspect in each of us waiting to be birthed and expressed.

I hope you are currently or about to also embark on your new beginning and truly become the true realization of what you were meant to be as you fulfill your purpose.



For over a year my signature on my photos was simply “LAM Photography” seeing as it was my initials but as I began to focus in on the idea of starting a business and taking my work further, I wanted a name that would set me apart, a name that when persons saw it, they would know it was my work. This would not only make my work stand but challenge me to ensure that what they recognize as mine, is the quality and standard of work which I want to be known for.

Therefore having decided on “L”Fedora Photos” my next step was to have a logo designed to further show me and what my style was. At first I had no idea of any graphic designers to do the job for me and then I had 4. I didn’t need four logos and even more I wasn’t paying for 4 logos, so I had some decisions to make. Price and the ability to reciprocate my vision graphically aided in my final decision. However when it came down to the two artists and their designs, I was so pleased with the two that I consulted my lawyer and was quite happy when I was told that yes I can have two. Therefore L’Fedora has two main logos which I interchange to suit the type of job; they now act as a further distinguishing mark for the vision I have in mind.L'Fedora-Photos-Logo-(Transparent Background)




I would like to take this time to thank the two talented graphic artists once more, as well as suggest them to anyone looking for such services. Additionally, should you want their information, message me…..more to come as Jul 1 draws nigh! 😉

L’Fedora Photos – Welcome!


To all my readers who I hope to turn into avid subscribers who I won’t disappoint; what is “L’Fedora Photos” all about?

Simply put it’s me sharing my photos as well as insights about photography with you. You can look out for some shots from upcoming  shoots as well as background into how the whole launch for L’Fedora is coming along. Nothing you want is ever easy and so this is a journey I have commenced on to see my dream become a reality and through this blog you get to come along the journey with me.

The official launch date is set for July 1 2014. Why that date? Well earlier this year a fellow photographer friend asked me when I was going to launch since she had been looking for it since 2013 but procrastination set in and I told her sometime during summer, probably July 1st. July 1st is all she heard and since then has been pushing me towards it and I finally got the drive myself and am now using it as a realistic target date. Will EVERYTHING be ready by then? Ideally yes but if not I will still be more than halfway and ready to show you what I have to offer.

Another question I often get asked, is why photography and I simply respond why not! Photography is a passion, a joy and much more than a job or hobby, it is what I enjoy doing most. Through my lens I get to view the world from all angles, see specific details and also capture moments as well as perspectives persons often overlook. My motto is “Life is a moment waiting to be captured” and this is exactly what my dream for “L’Fedora Photos'” is, making each photo a lasting memory!

Hope you will join me!…..stay tuned……