To Surprise or be Surprised? ;)

Last month for RJ’s birthday I surprised him with a photoshoot since he’d been asking me to do one for quite some time. A fellow photographer friend facilitated it and during the shoot, while RJ was being photographed my friend’s wife asked me if I’d be available to do something similar for them on their anniversary a month later for them. She wanted it to be a surprise and so as we started to finalize it, one night my photographer friend messaged me saying he wants to surprise his wife for their anniversary with a photoshoot.

I couldn’t help but chuckle, this was turning out to be very exciting seeing as they were both trying to surprise each other. Thankfully they’re in sync, so they chose the same date, time, location and package which made my job much easier.
The last couple photoshoot I did was supposed to be at Farley Hill but I had forgotten that was soca weekend and so that didn’t materialize then, so I was glad that this time we were able to use that location for this shoot.
The rain poured for the entire day prior and so I was in contact with my friend as we were monitoring the weather. I really was glad that the day of the shoot the rain held up especially since that was the actual day of their anniversary; the significance added to the mood of the shoot as it was evident that they are very much still in love. Farley Hill is a massive park (also the only park in Barbados you have to pay to go in) and the vast property is a photographers playground. I could have spent all day there with them but we only had an hour so we made the most of it. My job is fun usually but when the client is good sport as this couple was, it makes it feel much less like work.
I pray God’s continued blessings on Mr  and Mrs. Jackman!

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