HoneyJam 2014 Barbados Auditions

Each year thousands and sometimes millions of persons show up at various talents competitions all over the world like American Idol, The Voice, X Factor….. all with one hope, goal and anticipation – to make their dream a reality and become a star. We all want our moment in the spotlight, that day we can look back and say “that’s the day my life changed forever” but only one person can win these shows. However that is the beauty of Honey Jam, once you make it past auditions and get a call back, the workshops you get exposed to, the media interviews and night you perform on that stage all contributes to your moment because at the end of the night when the curtain falls each lady leaves a winner once she’s given her best seeing as it isn’t a competition. The auditions was this week and the turnout was encouraging but the fresh batch of talent is what I enjoyed most and I’m certainly looking forward to the November 8 2014 showcase. Famous Barbadians in the industry like Rupee, Alison Hinds and Jaicko were among the judges that night which added to the experience for the ladies.

My laptop is dying however and so I was up until 4am editing the photos meaning I only got 2 hours max sleep since I had to get up at 6am for work so I am still extremely tired two days later. This is why you have to love photography I order to do it, else you wouldn’t last too long in a field that is very time consuming.

Here’s a snapshot of the night…enjoy!

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